Ricordea Yuma

Ricordea Yuma coral are great additions to your reef tank and my favorite of all Ricordea. Ricordea Yuma live coral, originate in the Indo-Pacific region. Ricordea Yuma is typically larger than its cousin Ricordea Florida.


Typical Ricordea Yuma live coral appear in various intensities of green and Ricordea Yuma Before orange. Rare specimens, this live coral may be deep red and/or hot pink. The spirocysts on Ricordea Yuma live coral appear to vary, in size, shape and density from Ricordea Florida live coral. Another noted difference between Ricordea Yuma live coral and Ricordea Florida live coral are disk colorations.


Ricordea Yuma shows only some minor variation in disk color while Ricordea can have 6 or more colors. Pictured above is one of my personal favorites, it’s a green Ricordea Yuma specimen, the coral base streaked purple and pink.

General Care

From my experience Ricordea Yuma live coral requires more general care than Ricordea Florida especially when propagating. Ricordea Yuma are fairly hardy in captivity and will live for years in the reef aquarium They are safe with fish and Ricordea Yuma Cultured other coral though some caution should be used as Yuma live coral can burn other coral when close contact is made.


The Ricordea Yuma live coral feed using the process of photosynthesis. They are also able to filter feed. Ricordea Yuma spirocysts can trap small food and the disk can retract to push the food to the mouth of the Ricordea Yuma live coral.


Pictured above in a close-up view are 100% aquaculture Ricordea Yuma live coral. Nearly 1,000 of this aquaculture live coral were distributed in both retail and wholesale markets. Working with Ricordea Yuma live coral is challenging and culturing it is demanding but it is time well spent.