Maui Snorkeling Molokini

The Molokini crater superb snorkeling due to inner area of the crater being protected by the northern rim. This results in calm waters and superb clarity up to 150 feet in the center. The diameter of the crater is 1,770 feet and its unique location protects it from harsh currents and waves. This attracts all types of marine life, including up to 250 species of fish, and divers will be exposed to a life sized aquarium. The inside of the crater is recommended for beginner and intermediate snorkelers while Maui snorkeling Molokini's outer edge should be left to the experts and those with incredible buoyancy control.

The Crater

When visiting Maui, snorkeling Molokini is on every snorkelers list of things to do. The islet above water is 162 feet above sea level and the portion of the crater below the water runs for approximately 200 yards. At this point the crater drops off sharply into terraces, underwater caves, and other lava rock formations. These extend for hundreds more feet. There are many locations within the crater for Maui snorkeling Molokini, but the following are recommended.


Those interested in Molokini diving will find Enenue to be calm with a gentle slope that reaches 60 feet before dropping off considerably. This is an appropriate place for intermediate Molokini diving as well as advanced beginners. Butterfly fish inhabit the shallow areas around the Enenue area of the crater.

Flying Sea Cliffs

Along Molokini Crater's backside there are shelves that may easily be seen at approximately 50 feet. After the main shelf there is a large stretch of water before the bottom. Here tube coral and red sponge coral may be found. Intermediate and advanced divers

Reef's End

The Reef's End is great for certified divers interested in Maui snorkeling Molokini. The end of the reef is covered in cauliflower coral and suddenly drops sharply into the clear blue waters. Here, lava rock formations and terraces have been formed and are home to sharks, eels, and other sea animals. There are also lava steps that appear to descend hundreds of feet to the ocean's floor. Snorkelers diving in the Reef's End portion of the crater during the months of December-April are likely to see humpback whales.

Edge of the World and the Back Side

The Edge of the World is a wonderful Maui snorkeling Molokini opportunity as it allows experienced divers the opportunity to see where the crater's shelf juts out into the water before being overtaken by the crystal clear water for an additional 200 feet. This area is mostly shaded, and as a result many large marine animals prefer this area of the crater. Maui snorkeling Molokini's edge of the world provides the perfect backdrop with more than 250 species of fish swimming by. The currents are strong here and it's common to be approached by spinner dolphins and manta rays. Expert divers must try the wall dive here.